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Devil's Club Products

The Devil’s Club (Oplopanax horridus) is a woody stemmed shrub, covered with brittle spines and topped with large palmate leaves; conspicuous in the understory of the Southeast Alaska rainforest. 

It is highly medicinal and has traditionally been used for an amazing range of treatments, both internal and external.  It is a member of the ginseng family, and thus is also sometimes referred to as “Alaskan Ginseng.” At Back Bay Botanicals, we wild-craft and process it here in Sitka, Alaska for use as an ingredient in many of our products.

We wild-craft and process Devil's Club right here in Sitka, Alaska

"I discovered the Back Bay products while in Wrangell and fell in love. There is NO scent, which is a big win for me and the products feel so lovely on the skin. I used the devil’s club salve on my hands for treatment of Raynaud’s and it REALLY helped. Not to mention my skin just glowed. I also use this product on my face and have had no issues. I can’t wait to try the calendula cream."

Our happy customers have used our herbal products for such things as arthritis, sore muscles, eczema, burns, and many other problems.