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Back Bay Herbal Healing Balm with Devil’s Club

An excellent all-purpose herbal healing salve that promotes healing of cuts, abrasions, rashes, eczema and burns. It provides relief from jellyfish stings and many insect bites.



Back Bay Herbal Healing Balm with Devil’s Club is an excellent all-purpose herbal healing salve that promotes healing of cuts, abrasions, rashes, eczema and burns. It provides relief from jellyfish stings and many insect bites.

Commercial fishermen use it for “fish poisoning” and septic cuts. Diabetic friends have made this their preferred treatment for the skin complications from diabetes. At BBB we have used it for everything from diaper rash to insect bites, jellyfish stings, severe sunburn, wood stove burns, and chainsaw cuts!

Herbal Healing Balm is mild, yet very effective, even on sensitive, damaged skin. Our products do not contain petroleum products, to which many people have adverse skin reactions.


Devil’s club, calendula, plantain, comfrey, wormwood, poplar, organic olive oil, beeswax, vitamin E and pure essential oils.


2 oz

Customer Reviews


Hello, I was on your website purchasing two jars of the Herbal Healing Balm for friends of mine who are undergoing Breast Cancer treatment and will be having radiation as a course of their treatment.  I was reading through the testimonials and was so surprised there was no mention of the use of the Balm for radiation burn (or used as a preventative as in my case).

About 5 years ago when I was visiting Alaska, I saw your product in the drugstore in Sitka.  Little did I know then, what a wonderful product I was purchasing and how it would be so helpful to me!  In 2013 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and had surgery, chemotherapy, followed by 34 treatments of radiation.  My doctors warned me about the side effects of the severe burns I would be getting as a result of the radiation.   After my first radiation treatment through my very last, I used the Healing Balm on my skin and surrounding where the radiation was targeted.  My skin stayed beautiful and I never got one hint of a burn.  My doctor was so shocked and I told him that I was using your product!  It really did save me a lot of pain and agony as I saw the ladies around me at my appointments suffering from such horrific burns from the radiation.  I told everyone I saw about your product and continue to do so!

Thank you for making such a wonderful product! Sincerely,

Carol, Arlington TX



I visited Alaska, and Sitka in particular in August of 2017, and stumbled upon your Herbal Healing Balm.  I purchased a jar to use on a skin outbreak on my left hand that I could not heal with products from my dermatologist.

He prescribed all sorts of medical creams, but nothing cleared up my skin outbreak until I used your product. It cleared it up within 1 week.  It reappears from time to time and that’s when I use your Herbal Healing Balm; it clears up within a few days.

Thank you for such an excellent product.,i have found many other uses for it besides using it on my hands, and will continue to use your products along with my wife and for my dog.  Great for his paws and any cuts he might have

Sam, Maple Park IL



Hello- Recently I had a nasty fall while running and skinned up my knees.  For the first few days I just let them be… but they were not healing well…Looking through my herbal remedies I found my trusty Healing Balm- once I started using this I saw and felt immediate results in both the bruising and abrasions- so thankful!  A wonderful, natural product that also reminds me of our special time in Alaska!  Many thanks

Laura, Johnsbury VT



I want to tell you how Back Bay Botanicals Herbal Healing Balm worked for me.  It is an amazing product and when I first received the healing balm I was skeptical about how it worked.  I was proven wrong.  I use the healing balm on my swollen ankle and it immediately relieves the pain.  But, the amazing thing I wanted to share with you is it worked on my Shingles.  I was diagnosed with Shingles (on the side of my neck) on a Friday afternoon.  I started applying the healing balm on Saturday and by Sunday the blisters were gone.  Monday morning my neck was clear of any Shingles with only a faint shadow on my skin of where they had been.

Thank you for this amazing product.

Cindy, Eagle River AK



I would like to thank you for your products. I received the Herbal Healing Balm as a gift from my friends who almost just arrived from Alaska after being there for half a year. My little son (5 months) has been fighting with eczema all over his body. I have tried lots of stuff and even a hormone cream from our doctor, which I generally don’t choose to go for. Even though it helped, the eczema appeared as soon as I stopped using that and suddenly I got this wonderful present which seems to keep it away after only two days of using, so thank you so much. I’m looking forward to using some more of your products.

Hana, Denmark



I would just like to thank you for your product.  My mother lives in Sitka and sent me the Herbal Balm for cracking in my feet.  My cracking on my feet is better now.  My son has eczema and with one application it heals right away.  Since I will not put my son through the painful allergy testing the doctors will not treat him.  This has given a treatment that works right away.  His dad has really bad psoriasis on his legs.  For years he has not been able to get it to heal.  When he constantly rubs the balm on his legs it starts to heal.  It has almost completely disappeared.  Thank you so much for your wonderful products.  I will recommend it to all my friends.

April, Soldotna, AK



Just wanted to tell you about a good experience with the Herbal Healing Balm that I bought at the dock shop in Sitka.  Right after we came home (to Sacramento, CA) my daughter’s fella opened a hot radiator for an angry customer way too soon.  He sustained a bad steam burn from his belt line down to his thighs along the front side of his body.  Being a tough guy (and foolish I think) he did not report the injury to his work place and tried it with various over the counter remedies.  He was in a lot of pain, well blistered in tender places and determined to gut it out.  I remembered the healing balm, and gave it to them, and it began helping fairly quickly, both relieving the pain and promoting the healing.  Thanks for having such a good product!

Sunny, Sacramento, CA



… I had severe sunburn on my lips, face and shoulders from bodysurfing with my grandson.  I used Back Bay Herbal Balm right away and it healed so quickly! …

Zella, Wichita, KS



I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate the Back Bay Bummi Salve (Herbal Balm).  The day we got home Finn’s eczema flared up.  It looks so sore.  Poor guy!  I have been slathering him in salve. It is the best!  Thanks again.

Kaiti, Chico, CA



I have been using the Herbal Balm for several years now, and I keep it handy right on my desk at work.  It is the best thing I have ever found for healing small cuts and the dry, cracked skin I get in the winter.  Between all the paper handling and the hand washing, my hands need TLC and Herbal Balm makes them feel good again.  I use it at least once a day even if my hands are fine, and Herbal Balm is a wonderful moisturizer, too!

Karen P., Sitka, AK



… We use Devil’s Club Rub on sprains and Herbal Balm on bruises and burns. I’m convinced the Herbal Balm significantly reduced my bruising after a recent wrist injury….

Jen, LPW, AK



Hello BBB! My family and I went on a cruise to Alaska 3 years ago, at one of the ports we saw your Healing Balm with Devil’s Club. My Dad purchased it for my sister, who gets very bad dry skin all over her face and mouth. It worked miracles! The tub went by very fast when we got home as it is a great rub for anything- dry skin, sunburns, cuts, insect bites. After that my Dad found your company online and bought two more, the jars would always go missing in our house as all of us would fight over the jars, and again we used them up fast! This past month my Dad purchased 6 jars from you guys (one for each of us!) and he wrote our names on the top.

I’ve had a very swollen ankle, with a large red itchy rash the past few days. I’ve been cleaning it, and putting the Devil Club Salves on it, the swelling has COMPLETELY gone down and when I use it all itchiness goes away!

I’m so thankful for your company, and the “Green Alaskan Cream” (That’s what we call your salve at our home.) Thank you for your wonderful products that work MIRACLES!

Sincerely, A family of 6 from Portland, Oregon.

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