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Moonlight Moisturizer

Moonlight Moisturizer is a creamy, nourishing, lavender moisturizer for face and body. A long-time favorite of people with sensitive skin, allergic to other moisturizers.



Almond, apricot kernel, grapeseed and jojoba oils, water, lavender, beeswax, lanolin, vitamin E, pure essential oils, and potassium sorbate.


2 oz

Customer Reviews


Moonlight Moisturizer has been my daily facial pleasure since Jean first created it in 1997 on Back Bay, a remote Alaska village, where we were neighbors. I was visiting her family one evening when the cream was new, and she asked me to put some on my skin. A full moon was pouring through the wintertime window and the cream felt so like that clear, clean light that I suggested the product’s name right then. It’s so light and creamy that my skin says ahh.

Jane L., Sitka, AK, Customer since 1997



My first moisturizer purchase was as a tourist several years ago. All subsequent purchases have been as a committed customer. I no longer purchase other moisturizers after finding that Moonlight Moisturizer meets all my needs. I’m thrilled that a chance purchase resulted in complete satisfaction. Cheers,

Marilyn, Albuquerque, NM



…I use the Moonlight Moisturizer at bedtime and my face feels so soft in the mornings when I get up. I can tell a big difference in my complexion with less wrinkles and do not seem to be any more than I had three years ago. I love these products and use them regularly.

Doris, Locust Forks, AL

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